“neppie”: An e-Life Story 

At age 14, circa 1981, was challenged simply choosing a nickname to use in cyberspace, specifically a TALK application hosted on CDC’s CYBER 850 supercomputer in Athens, GA.  Not exceptionally well read or original, browsed World Book an hour or so before deciding “Neptune” sounded cool.   The uninspired identifier was unique enough for the small online community comprising Georgia’s University System Computer Network (USCN),  dialing in via a 300 baud modem and Atari XE computer.  I liked being recognized by the moniker.

As USCN was absorbed into BITNET, encompassing universities around the world, cyber friends abbreviated “Neptune” to “neppie”;  at least it had originality, so I thought.  Then BITNET merged with military and commercial networks to form the internet and “neppie” lost its unique charm.  Neppie is a female name in parts of Europe and Neppie.com was even registered to someone in Japan. .

Addendum: Obviously understanding a unique alias leaves a large footprint… that was the point… so I might find myself, and quickly recall thoughts on Benghazi, the MAME Arcade or CNN sensationalizing the Atlanta Olympics. 


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