Ready, Set, Duck

astridResearching too far into an article about an asteroid passing closer than the moon today was disconcerting. The news piece included a link to a NASA site tracking upcoming near earth objects (NEOs).  After figuring out the measurements was certain I was misinterpreting the data.  It projected another, smaller but closer asteroid passing us (earth) tomorrow.  This one had escaped detection until just yesterday and not yet made headlines.

Not to worry, digging deeper. This asteroid may be the same size as one that did considerable damage to Chelyabinsk, Russia in 2013, but will assuredly still miss earth.  I should have stopped there, before curiosity revealed Chelyabinsk had not been predicted at all.  In fact, a rock that size could surprise us at any time.   NASA has the technology to detect the smaller ones, but is underfunded.  Not that we could prepare anyway.

Now returning to Fringe binge,  only watching beneath the covers.


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