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No Easy Answers

Apologies to anyone following for TV related content.  I truly have “too much spare time…” 

I regretted finishing the book “The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America” as it presented realities and subtly raised questions without promoting a personal or political agenda.  It did reinforce my observation that Wall Street’s “too big to fail” implied “out of control.”  A related essay encountered recently was “Anatomy of the Deep State“, which doesn’t claim a great conspiracy, but rather the gradual power escalation of Wall Street, Silicon Valley, the White House and the military.  Fun stuff.

Universe 101Especially attractive from the essay is the term “groupthink“, describing a culture where many believe they’re independent thinkers when in fact its more Orwellian.  The author suggests that moguls masquerading as libertarians are the biggest hypocrites.   I hope I won’t be targeted as a dissident for having read “The Communist Manfiesto” as a teenager, but appreciated it not for the haunting spectre it suggests, but for its outline on a history of class inequality.  So what should be the proper label for beyond-the-box ponderers?  I like Robert Heinlein’s simple “not-stupids.”

Another deep to which my mind has gone lately (beyond the obvious deep end) is space.  With the internet’s infinite resources have been exploring string theory, dark matter and dark energy and the like.  Theories we almost know (remember Heisenberg) but can’t prove or fully understand.  It is more comforting than scary knowing as much as any expert.  Easy answers aren’t appealing.  Self-righteousness is appalling.

Now back to the next episode of “Fringe…”


State of Denial

State of Denial

While the premature, cautionary muscle flexing the past two days has been amusing, hopefully the south is prepared for the very real emergency manifesting.

January 29th, 2014, the Governor of the State of Georgia,  with city and school officials alike, ignored early warning from the National Weather Service with disastrous consequences.  After the event it took days to at least admit any response could have been better.  Two weeks later, with another dangerous weather system on the horizon and eager to demonstrate a lesson learned, Atlanta battened down as if General Sherman were arriving at an unknown hour.  A full 36 hours in advance of bad weather, February 10th, 2014, school and work was cancelled far too early.

Presumably this was a preemptive move,  not to be caught by surprise again.  Only no one had ever been caught by surprise.  Then it cost an extra day cleaning up the mess of cars strung along the interstate in the aftermath.  This time Georgia stubbornly shut down the unnecessary day in advance.  This evening officials are on the news congratulating themselves for a job well done.  Of course, no ice or snow or even freezing temps have yet transpired,  nor  is it due for another 12 hours.  It is still too soon to treat roads.  It’s maddening.  What should I  expect from a state that still electing  from good ‘ole boy networks, where candidates running on a platform of creationism are taken seriously.

One Degree of Underweight

bmiI’m increasingly annoyed at the fuss over “The Biggest Loser” Rachel Frederickson and her weight loss.  Frederickson’s Body Mass Index of 17.5 is 1 point into the underweight range.  On the other side of the scale there are 5 points in the “overweight” category before moving into “obese.”  Beyond that there’s even a morbidly obese range.

If being on the left side of “Normal” were so unhealthy, or even common, there might be “lean” and then perhaps”emaciated” or “undernourished”.   There is little cause for alarm being 1 point into overweight, so why criticize the skinny side?  From the after pictures there is nothing unattractive about Frederickson.  She even looks to have healthy muscle.

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