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Look Ma, No Frames!

SleekDISCLAIMER/WARNING: Medium-high nerd content.

“What did you learn on the web today, Rich?”  It was with trepidation that I dared peak behind the scenes to the source of sleek HTML5.  I’d grown so appreciative of the look and feel… mostly due to an unhealthy Twitter obsession…  wanted to understand how it was done.  What sorcery was this!?  It was with similar excitement that I dove into first generation HTML in the nineties.  How thrilling  it was then going from text information to presentation with graphics, fonts and colors.  The notion was mind blowing.  I quickly mastered the protocol and proudly added it to my resume.

Then something unfortunate but inevitable happened.  Different people wanted to take something so elegant with simplicity and complicate it.  Along came frames, which never worked as designed, flash and a plethora of necessary plug-ins.  “This site best viewed with…” became a standard disclaimer, literally meaning “this just got too ridiculous”.  When style sheets came into the mix, a concept I might have embraced had it not been a final straw, threw in the towel.  Web design became an industry in itself and my sad HTML resume tag became an admission of incompetence.

So I was relieved to discover HTML5 has in a sense reverted back to basics. The best aspects of previous generations remain with annoying elements, including frames (yes!) relegated to obsolescence. It is again a functional mix of tags and script  for the purpose of making presentation and dissemination palatable.  As it should be. While still too complex to take on with more than a passive interest,  what I learned spending just an hour researching at least offered encouragement.


The Color Purple

This image disturbed me, as does being compelled to write about racism in 2012. Born in the integrated south of 1967, segregation was ingrained as part of the past, yet vestiges of ethnocentrism remained. Growing up attending public schools witnessed those remnants diminish until considering racial discrimination truly abolished,  at least in terms of geography.  So it stung on the night of this Presidential election when the results in southern states were quickly announced and,  early into “The Daily Show”  at 11 pm,  Jon Stewart commented Mitt Romney had  “won most of the confederacy”. My sense of humor prevailed and conceded to laughter.

In one GA district congressman Paul Broun, famous for denouncing evolution, ran unopposed, but did at least receive 4,000+ write-in oppositions for Charles Darwin.   This indicates  ignorance as much as hatred underlies the electorate.  It is the rural districts in Georgia that propagate the misconception the region is unabashedly red. The south is more accurately purple.  It is the electoral college that is outdated.

Yet in my lifetime  it has taken a white, southern candidate (Carter and Clinton) to win the democratic nomination for Georgia. Racism is ultimately buried in that reality. To help expunge the distaste admitting this, at least the sexist  Todd Akin was defeated in Missouri.  To conclude on an even more  positive note, New Hampshire,  leaps and bounds ahead of the the rest of America,  elected a woman governor and all female members to congress.  Perhaps by 2016 the lines between red and blue, black and white, male and female won’t be so obvious.

“And not until your whole generation has lain down and died will the dead weight of you be off our backs!”
– Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, 1967

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