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Wrong Side of the Pond

An entirely Brit weekend.  The opening ceremonies in London followed the day after announcement that actress Mary Tamm, from “Doctor Who”, had died of cancer at 63.  Then Saturday BBC America featured “SatNerdDay”, showing Series 5 of Doctor Who, the 11th Doctor I’d never watched before.  Today saw the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, featuring aforementioned Doctor.

I felt as if I were over there rather than a mere Anglofile and Whovian.


The People vs. Dan Cathy

I don’t believe it too extreme that I relate the Chick-fil-a controversy to Larry Flynt’s battles to publish what many consider obscenity.   Dan Cathy and Flynt are opposite ends of the spectrum yet the underlying issue of free speech is the same.   Both were attacked and neither broke the law.  CFA is as free to support Christianity as LFP  is to promote porn.  It does lead one to consider the sacrilege of eating Chick-fil-a while perusing Penthouse.

Too Much Violence (for me)

I didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon using the batman theater shootings to advocate tighter gun control or less violence in film or television, however am convinced something is not quite right.  I’ve not seen a batman movie since “The Dark Night” in 2008.  There’d been so much press surrounding Heath Ledger’s posthumous Oscar as The Joker that I was compelled to see it opening night on an IMAX screen.

Yes, it was a powerful performance and sadly it was overshadowed by too much comic book action; more than I was prepared to endure.   Not that I was upset with the violence. Merely bored with it.  It was the Road Runner/Coyote variety on a big budget.  What did bother me  was so many were seriously digging the action sequences.  Fortunately the theater was dark so I couldn’t see the foaming of mouths, only sensed it around me.  It was scary that people can be turned on by loud noise and may be symptomatic of the societal deterioration that produces depraved sociopaths that open fire in crowded places.


“I was shown how fragile life was on Saturday. I saw the terror on bystanders’ faces. I saw the victims of a senseless crime. I saw lives change. I was reminded that we don’t know when or where our time on Earth will end. When or where we will breathe our last breath.”

Jessica Ghawi, victim in Today’s  Colorodo theater shootings, wrote in her blog.  Earlier this week reflected along these lines learning about the death of a Georgia soldier,  Erica P. Alecksen, in Afghanistan with other American lives.  The theater shootings are making headlines, as such tragedy should, yet the deaths of Americans overseas have become blasé.  I’ll not forget either.

Don’t Call Me Maybe

Call me a grouch, malcontent or anything worse (not in public, please), however do not get the “Call Me Maybe” craze and can’t escape the song. It has even permeated so-called news. I allowed self to indulge in Avril Lavigne and was still in Debbie Gibson’s corner when she changed her name to simply Deborah. Carly Rae’s is the most annoying tune since Billy Ray’s “Achy Breaky”. There. I blogged  it and feel better!

Too Good for Television

Was dwelling on material possessions lost recently and recalled this from “My so-called Life”. Naturally a thoughtful someone you tubed the scene for me already. I’ve never had a pair of shoes stolen, though have slept in places where I’ve been cautioned to use them as a pillow, keeping them close.

This series falls into the “too good for television” category. America preferred having “Friends” to serious drama. Networks make incredibly stupid decisions, like firing Ann Curry from the Today show, based solely on ratings. “Today” now resembles a beauty pageant more than a news program.

I loved that as Sarah Jessica Parker was enjoying subsequent  success on “Sex and the City” she was still bashing NBC execs for prematurely cancelling another “Too Good for TV” series, “A Year in the Life” she was a part of.  “I’ll Fly Away” is another, then there is the story of fx, an entire interactive network that no one was ready for.

Off to exercise and forget the vast wasteland…

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