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CNN, Atlanta and the Olympics

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Date: 1996/07/28
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In the weeks leading up to the Olympics games I grew increasingly
frustrated with CNN’s coverage.   The focus was on the threat of
terrorism,  security and other potential problems.  While I could
understand CNN not wanting to show bias toward their home city,  it
seemed they were going out of their way to give the games a negative

The day following the spectacular opening ceremonies I couldn’t
believe the CNN headlines were still focused on security issues.  The
spirit of 192 nations united for peaceful competition was not
newsworthy,  but the mere threat of terrorism was a lead story.  Is it
any surprise someone took it into their head to disrupt the event?

Finally CNN had something real to report.  An actual bomb (even it was
a bit primitive).   The news network was quick to hype the story with
a lead-in graphic, “The Bombing at Olympic Park”.   Also,  at last,
there was some mention of the spirit of the games — there was no way
to ignore the fact that this incident had little impact on the event
schedule or attendance.   Yet I believe CNN would have been happier
with the bigger story if the IOC had decided to pack up and go home.

Perhaps there’s a method to the madness.  Maybe CNN knows their
audience well enough to know that negative reporting attracts more
viewers.   If so that’s much more frightening than the pipe bomb.

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“We move from terror and loss to unexpected good fortune,  and out of
darkness hope is born.”  — My so-called Life


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